Learn how you can land a job in tech by hearing from some of our program alumni and how they landed their first job and also how they are doing on the job plus some job tricks and tips you don’t see on the internet. This and many more are things we will be talking about at the Tech School Webinar.

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The webinar that guides you to get a good job in tech!

Join our program managers, alumni, and other participants as they discuss and share successful tips and tricks on how to land a tech opportunity in 90 days or less.

Some of the things that will be discussed at the
Tech Webinar

What tech skill(s) should I Learn?

Skill is important to attain any good opportunity in any of our focus areas; Graphics Design, Product Design & Product Management. So getting a job or opportunity is great however your skills are your access to the opportunities, we will be introducing you to a golden opportunity to learn a tech skill that will make the change for you.


Accessing Opportunities in Tech

The first step of learning a skill is now checked! At the webinar, you will receive insights into how you can present these jobs in the job market and be rewarded for it! 

Meet our speakers

Meet some DesignU alumni who will be speaking at the webinar.


Remilekun Wahab

Remi is currently a Product Designer at Bytestacks Technologies Ltd. and she will be speaking at the Tech School webinar. 

Kayode Odesanya

Kayode Odesanya

Kayode Odesanya is currently a Technical Product Manager, Busha and he will be speaking at the Tech School webinar. 

Oluchi Osuagwu

Oluchi Osuagwu

Oluchi Osuagwu is a Freelance Graphics & Product Designer and she will be speaking at the Tech School Webinar.

You don't want to miss the webinar!

Hear what some previous program participants have to say

Hear what some previous program participants have to

Olumoye Aduragbemi Oluwafisayo

Olumoye Aduragbemi

Graphics Designer

The program is a really nice one, it is a really awesome program and I'm forever grateful that I joined, within a week of the training, I have been able to make cash with Canva, the design that usually takes me hours to come up with CorelDRAW prior to Tech School, did it with 1hour on Canva and I got paid, I feel myself and say thanks to the programs team.

Chidimma Njoku

Chidinma Njoku

Product Manager

The program has helped me understand what I needed to focus on in relation to the standard of the industry. When you're self-learning you may find yourself learning irrelevant stuff but with this program, it's straight to the point and it makes it easier to achieve my goals just before the end of my training, I got a gig that paid me NGN 600,000.

Ayomide Oladejo

Ayomide Oladejo


'Mehn, I've never been to a school like 'Design School' before. I went to Unilag and I noticed I can't start making money after my 5 years, but in Tech School, I started making money in just 2 weeks. That's awesome. I have also attended a 2 weeks training but was nothing like Tech School. I really appreciate all the knowledge both technical and soft skills I gained during the program, I am now making more money and look forward to doing more of that!

Tech School - Webinar