Let's Work Together!

DesignU is on a mission to equipping every young African with tech skills to enable them become economically empowered and we want to work with people who believe in this vision and want to join us to accomplish this mission while you also earn for doing this.

Courses You can Teach

These are some of the courses available

Graphics Design

Softwares required - Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Product Design

Software required - Miro, Adobe XD, Figma, UX research tools.

Web Development

Proficiency required - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, WordPress.

Product Management

Proficiency required - Jira, Trello, Product management experience.


Instructor Application
What's your skill proficiency?
Which of these skills are you proficient in?
Where do you live in Lagos?
Do you have prior experience teaching the skill(s) you selected above?